Tallahassee ParrotHead Club

Throughout the month of July the Tallahassee Parrothead Club will be coordinating with Triple R Horse Rescue to raise money and necessary supplies for this wonderful organization. Please contact our two co-chairs Mary Gray and Montana Gray if  you have any questions and would like to contribute to this worthwhile cause. Mary: mgray117@aol.com; Montana at montanagray78@gmail.com, or donate online at https://www.facebook.com/TripleRHorseRescueTallahassee/


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   ParrotHeads make the community a better place, one feather at a time.               

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Important Notice

The Tallahassee ParrotHead Club is an equal-opportunity, non-exclusive, non-political, non-commercial social organization. We consider all faiths and beliefs to be private matters beyond the scope of our charter. Therefore, we strictly limit our public activities to aiding charities and performing community service. We do not offer ourselves as a forum for any venture or call-to-action not related to our core mission.

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